2017 Saturday

Show time - it was another beautiful day at the Crosley National. Crosleys everywhere. Cars lined up for a photo before parking on the field for the club magazine, at least most did.  Something new this year the photos were also used during the awards ceremony, projected, so we could see what car won along with the owner getting the trophy. The Spot Light class was Modifieds, it was a good showing, including from mostly body modifications, to full blown Chevy powered with 500hp. Cars on the field numbered around 75, giver take, that were on the field all day and another 20 or so cars parked around the grounds and driving around having fun. Also a fair number of Crosleys for sale in the flea market. So I think it is safe to say over 100 Crosleys were in town for the Nationals. More fleas were open on Saturday than Friday and seem to do a good business. The annual meeting was at 3pm where Dave was re-elected president along with other club business, see Fall Quarterly for full report. Awards were handed out to the winners then time to load up. We ended the meet with a memorial picnic for all those that have passed away in the club, but left a lasting mark on the club and members that have kept us going all these years.

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2017 Saturday

Some of the modified Crosleys in attendance
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Our Trading Post Manager hard at work

Not one but two V8 Crosleys this year

This one was being built using CoBRA blocks
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