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Orlando's Crosley participated in the Pioneer Days Show on Nov.6, 2004. ( Fall Fun Fest ) Orlando Nieves for many years was our member in Puerto Rico, he moved to Florida a few years back and is enjoying the the car show circuit there now. 

His 47 wagon is a real eye catcher.  Orlando says "The radio is from a 1973 VW (Hitachi transistorized) with 6-12 volts and neg-pos switches.  Works perfectly and draws very little current from the battery. I adapted it to the dash board."
Crosley Lab

Crosley Motors research and engineering department 3401 Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati.

Photos were taken/furnished by Mike Banks

Motor Plant

Crosley Motors Plant No. 1 at 2530 Spring Grove Avenue

Dennis Wray of Ohio owns this nicely modified 1947 Crosley Sedan with a Ford V4. He calls it Pro Sidewalk 

It has been Pro Streeted but you can't see the tires in the shadows.

Crosley Powered Lotus H Modified.  These were posted on our original Yahoo Web board.  When Yahoo lost the club site I had saved the pictures but not all the text. The fellow that posted the pictures was looking for this car.

His Father was involved as the builder or driver or both. The only thing I have to identify the pictures were the labels and those were the name Johnny and Burt.  Any body recognize the pictures or car?  I believe they were taken in the 60s.
Bandini Crosley Single Overhead Cam

Bandini car with a Crosley engine two carburettor Dell'orto. From a book on the Bandini writen by his nephew Michele Orsi Bandini.

Besides the book that Michele Orsi Bandini has written about his Uncle Ilario Bandini he has a small museum of Bandini (12 different examples). He also has a Bandini website (in Italian).
Bandini Crosley Dual Overhead Cam

Highly modified dual overhead cam Bandini Crosley engine.

Michele Orsi Bandini supplied these pictures and others that will be added to the Engine Family Tree page in the future.  He writes that only 83 cars were built in total across the 4 different displacement models (only the 750cc model used Crosley engines).  They have a registry that list 47 known to still exist. 

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